Metal roofing is the ideal roofing material to protect your investment for the long term. Insurers offer discounts for properties with metal roofing and installing a metal roof increases the value of your property. Metal roofs offer substantial household energy savings and much lower lifetime costs when compared to other roofing materials. Metal roofs Dartmouth are manufactured from as much as 60 percent recycled materials and the extended lifespan translates to significant waste reduction.

Versatile, durable and built to last - Perfect for the extreme weather of Halifax Region - Can be made to suit any style of architecture - Available in a wide range of styles, designs, colours and finishes - Excellent warranties are available, both long-term and lifetime - Metal roofs require little or no maintenance over their lifetime - Metal roofs are ultra-durable and withstand shrinking, cracking, rot and decay, as well as extreme winds and weather

Supreme Line Roofing & Construction takes great pride in our reputation to to deliver above quality workman and offers a 5 year wormanship warranty on all our roofs.

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