The first thing to keep in mind when undertaking a flat roof replacement program is that the new roof will only be as good as the installation. Furthermore, even when a new roofing system is properly installed using the right materials, it must be regularly maintained and protected to ensure its longevity. Our Darthmouth roofing crews are trained specifically for each system we install to ensure strict adherence to manufacturing standards. We work tirelessly to get the flat roofing that you require installed to the highest quality. Overall, better long-term performance and life-cycle can be expected from properly formulated, installed and maintained SBS roofing systems. A special detail in SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) roofing systems is that it permits the re-use of insulation and other components including the waterproofing membrane themselves in a flat roof recovery.

Modified bitumine - Liquid coatings - Liquid membrane - Self adhered

Supreme Line Roofing & Construction takes great pride in our reputation to to deliver above quality workman and offers a 5 year wormanship warranty on all our roofs.

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